My name is Lorenzo Bonissoni, born in Milan, Italy. Thanks to my parents, I grew up enjoying the simple things in life such as Sunday dinner with the family, a good piece of pizza-focaccia, and of course making Casonsei every winter. I also thank my uncle Enzo for inspiring the chef in me and cultivating the curiosity of quality in each dish which Stagioni Italiane fully embodies. 


 Stagioni Italiane is more than your typical Italian catering company. It ensures that your food is prepped and served on location, providing an amazing and personalized experience. 

Not only will Stagioni Italiane tailor the menu to the occasion and your preferences, but it will also curate each dish to represent the best of the Italian culture, its flavors and aromas while using the best of California's seasons. 

Part of the Italian culture is being hands on with your food and making fresh pasta is a staple. Stagioni Italiane would be very happy to share this tradition with you during a cooking class. 

Through the Stagioni Italiane classes,  you will learn delicious techniques on how to create one of a kind Italian food right at home. You can choose from making your own pasta and learn how to make its perfect pairing or learn how to make a delectable risotto and how to pair it. 

Join Stagioni Italiane in experiencing these extraordinary moments and helping you discover Italy through all your senses!