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Stagioni Italiane - Italian Seasons 

Each season in Italy triggers an emotion that can be translated into a delightful dish. Stagioni Italiane’s true core is Italian seasons. We are not just a catering company. We provide a tailored selection of private Italian dining services where we create experiences that showcase not only the splendor of Italian cuisine, but also the style that Italian dining is known for. True Italian dining culture sources from the finest seasonal ingredients for each occasion.  

Our goal is to take you across Italy with each curated menu by using only the finest ingredients from California’s local Farmer. Let us take care of the details and let you enjoy the perfect setting for intimate socializing while indulging in the luxury of the Italian dining culture. Turn any location into the most exclusive table in town, from casual soirees family style to lavish six course meals.

Experience Italy with every bite you take, experience Stagioni Italiane. Dining experiences are not the only way to experience Italy. At Stagioni Italiane, we are also proud to provide cooking classes of staple Italian dishes. You’ll learn go-to recipes for fresh pasta and their accompanying sauces. From the classic Tagliatelle with Ragù sauce to
exquisite filled Ravioli.


Chef Lorenzo Bonissoni

Chef Lorenzo Bonissoni hails from the heart of Milan, Italy. Family togetherness is very important to him and most importantly when it comes to sharing a meal. Every Saturday and Sunday meant everyone would be sitting for lunch and dinner, where a good piece of fresh pizza-focaccia was the star. Of course, staple dishes during the holidays couldn’t be missed.

One of his favorite holiday meals is Casonsei, a spiced stuffed ravioli paired with a sage brown butter sauce. Casonsei are a must during Christmas time, especially because they are made from scratch by the entire family.

Chef Bonissoni is greatly influenced by his uncle Vincenzo. Zio Enzo, as everyone calls him, inspired the chef in Lorenzo and inculcated the importance of quality food in every dish he taught him, which is now fully embodied by Stagioni Italiane.

Lorenzo Bonissoni.JPG

Chef Bonissoni comes from a prominent culinary background. His cooking style pairs true Italian flavors with the finest ingredients California has to offer. His 18 years of experience spent in the hospitality and culinary world across the Bay Area, as well as notable culinary destinations across Lombardia and Emilia Romagna in Italy, have shaped his vision of providing experiences of true Italian fine dining.

Before starting his culinary journey at La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana ALMA, founded by the father of modern Italian cuisine, Gualtiero Marchesi, Bonissoni completed his Hospitality Management Degree at San Francisco State University, where he was able to better understand the backbone of the Culinary Industry and how it is driven.

While at ALMA, Bonissoni was able to take his creativity to the next level while learning under some of the greatest Italian chefs, such as Chef Marco Soldati, Chef Michel Magada, Chef Luciano Tona, and Chef Leaonardo Scala Bai, who taught technique, creativity, basics of Italian cuisine, and pastry.

While in the region of Emilia-Romagna in Italy, Chef Bonissoni also worked along Chef Matteo Casadio at La Terrazza Bartonili, a gourmet seafood restaurant that truly embodies an Italian summer. He also worked at La Buca Bartolini with Chef Thomas Battistini, with whom, along with the whole team, were able to achieve a Michelin Star.

Moving back to the Bay Area brought Chef Bonissoni to expand his expertise in Sardinian cuisine with Chef Massimiliano Conti at the acclaimed La Ciccia, as well as A16, Michael Mina’s Test Kitchen, and Old Bus Tavern with Chef Max Snyder.